Friday, 6 April 2012

The Backend rebuild and refit!

Beginning of April and had a good weeks vacation and hit the Jag hard... It's been a busy first few months of this year primarily working on the back end of the car and rebuilding/repairing the entire braking system. I've also made a start on 'repairing' both the underside sills that ideally should be replaced.. but at this stage no harm in practicing a bit of mig welding and fabricating suitable 0.9mm guage patches : )

The IRS assembly is very heavy and I made a trolly and fitted some very sturdy castors. This made wheeling the unit back under the car easy and with two trolly jacks and a scissor jack she went back in... New rubbers, seals, mounts, pads, pipes etc all done at this stage as it's simply not accessable once back under the car.

One thing I did do on this trip was make remote bleed points for the rear calipers (sound advice followed) as they are a real pig to bleed once in and requires gnome sized fingers to stand any chance...

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