Friday, 6 April 2012

Welding Shmelding :-O

Something very satisfying about cutting out rotten steel, cleaning back to bare metal and then making suitable cardboard templates ready to cut sheet steel to a weldy refit.. It's also very reasuring to know 'what lies beneath!' and that the car will hold together once we reach speeds putting us into a geo-stationary orbit.....

So once the new pieces were cut and formed into shape, MIG stitch welded, trying to avoid heat distortion and then seam sealed, oxy primed, wax injected, undercoated and blessed with holy water... should keep the tin worms at bay for a few years...

This pic showing the rear passenger side door sill cut right back into the floor pan and inner sill supports.. Now repaired with fresh 0.9mm steel : ) Making the final body skin did not involve any fancy forming or folding machinery in a dark room, I found that bending the piece around my right thigh proved very successfull indeed!

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