Sunday, 20 May 2012

On the road..

Feels sooo good to be back in a classic, and with the recent monsoon weather we now seem to endure in the UK, getting a hardtop unlike the Cobra, makes much more scence...

I learned today that running a gearbox (crashbox) with no syncro, takes an all new approach to gear change prep, planning and timing... or you'll end up with a box full of teeth and a whole pile of neutral  : (

There is a knack to it, and patience, engine revs and gentle nurchuring will, like fishing if yer lucky, land you a gear...

I also learned whilst spending a day under the car in the inspection pit fitting the new exhaust system that having egg sandwiches and pickled onions the previous day was a very bad idea... fitting an air vent in the pit is for noxious gases.. nuff said on that one!

So, now I will admit to my biggest and most rookie mistake todate in my Engineering follies..

I RAN OUT OF FUEL.. fortunately only 100yrs from home. Several weeks back I dropped some fuel in the tank to get her going..

When I realised no fuel was flowing through the spyglass fuel filter, I chased back to the fuel pump.. Still not convinced, I dripped the tank with a bamboo cane.... came out bone dry ... opps...

The E-type has a very flat fuel tank and the fuel pickup is sits in a fuel sump visible under the back of the car... With all the testing and tuning I had been doing... enough was enough and when I took her out on the road, that 3.8 Engine and 6 thirsty pots soon turned that tank in a desert.

.. so I drained the lawn mower which gave me just enough to stick in the Jag and get her back in the barn... time for tea : )

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