Sunday, 1 September 2013

The invisible Chassis?

... had a few days off work and decided to start dry assembling as much of the running gear as possible without the chassis. Hope to be picking that up shortly. By putting all the pieces together I can see what have, what's missing, what needs replacing, rebuilding, and how it should all work.. yikes!

The front hub assembly was OK and quite self explanatory. The layout here is correctly spaced to be a 100inch wheelbase. I have layed out the old crank shaft, gearbox and twin exhaust system to give an idea as to how she will look.

 There are two leaf springs transversely mounted front and back. Both will need rebuilding and recalibrating to fit and be correct of the lighter body.

I have very limited reference material to work from. This one pencil drawing shows the front axle/hub assembly. Haynes manuals and the Internet didn't exist 70 yrs ago, we were in the middle of WW2.

 As well as making a start on all the running gear, I picked up the engine!
It's the original motor, hence I'm very keen to bring it back to like. It's a Ford Mercury 4.4ltr V8 Flathead. This is going to be a biggie putting this back together : ) .. currently it has a split in the base which will need patching up.. looking for a local machine shop to help out. Welding/plugging a casting like this is quite tricky.....

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