Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The chassis wrangler.. (part 1)

.. so a few weeks have passed and the chassis and me have become well acquainted. No, I've not actually taken it to bed, but I have dreamt about it allot! ...It's taken loads of welding, jiggling, grinding, welding and fabricating to get the chassis complete and looking like it should..

All of the internal panel work is now done along with finishing all of the cruciform centre sections, gusset work and one or two odd brackets than needed making at fitting at this stage (otherwise they would get forgotten!)

Using my engine crane, rotating the chassis about to really get into all parts has been a much easier task. Now the welding is complete, it's meant I can get really into both chassis rails and wax inject the unit with a suitable rust stabiliser and protector. This chassis should outlast me : )

Fabricating new brackets and repairing existing all needs to be done at this stage.

I use a light powder paint to 'hi-light' any uneven welding which needs correcting and also to prevent flash rusting on on fresh exposed welds.

Finally after loads of stripping, cleaning, degreasing, (repeat several times)
and then stripping and getting back to bare metal, the chassis had it's first coat of black goodness : ) ... There will be several coats culminating in a high gloss finish as much of the chassis is exposed on the final build, so it needs to look great!

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