Tuesday, 1 October 2013

The Shirley Bassey...

So... picked up the Allard chassis last week and got stuck in..

Basically it's complete and original. There is a fair bit of work left to do. The first job is to finish the gusset and strengthening cross member supports. The internal panel work is tack welded and needs fully seam welding.

The chassis is quite light and strengthened by a cruciform cross section where the gearbox sits.

Once the welding is finished the inside of the chassis rails will be treated with a waxy rust preventative coating, that is injected into the rails.

For each of the strengthening sections I make a cardboard pattern from picture frame card. It's easy to 'form' and bend into the exact shape which I then use to make the steel pieces from.

The steel I have has an orange coating making it ideal for score marking to bend in the right place. Next stop, several days of welding to finish the chassis, then we are onto rust prevention and painting!

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