Monday, 3 February 2014

Springs and things..

Well it's been a couple of months since my last blog, so a quick update...

I've spent  Dec/Jan working on the E-type preparing it for sale (sobb...) still I need to move on and other priorities and projects are coming up..  Last week the Jag passed it's MOT and she's on the road. Currently working on the Sale... In early December I took delivery of something I wanted for too long, an early convertible XK8 Jag... and it was so worth the wait. It's every bit as amazing to drive and play with as I knew it would be : )    .. and yes the rainbow is real!

Meanwhile on the Allard I have been waiting on the leaf springs to be built and the engine to be built. Last week the springs which I've had custom made arrived! They look amazing and looks like they will fit/work. I was a real shot in the dark having these made. Plenty of predicted loading calculations and guess work. So only time will tell if I've got this right, really when the car is complete and it's sat fully loaded to exercise and sit the springs correctly. They may well need adjusting and re-fitting when the car is complete......

The Engine has been dipped and blasted to get it back to clean. It's currently being rebuilt with all new components. I've outsourced this task to Valley Gas Speed shop. Getting the ceased valves and seats out was a real game they were badly pitted. So we are currently waiting on a new set from the US.

I'm working on designing a complete wiring loom. I've made a mockup dashboard to get an idea of requirements and layout. It's quite a minimal design with limited instruments and switches... no mod cons here!

More soon, hopefully some Engine pics.... For now here's one of the workshop with both Jags and the Allard undercover...

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