Monday, 24 February 2014

The Backend...

Over the past few weeks I've been thinking about the bodywork for the Allard, what I need, what I need to do, and how the car should look. Getting it right at this stage is crucial. If the car doesn't look right, everything else is a waste of time!

Back in the late 1930's when Sydney Allard built the first Allard 'Special' he happened to have a Bugatti Type 35 laying around, and used the famous 'boat tail' backend from the Bugatti to graft onto the Allard. I wanted to try and recreate this look, and get the car dimentionally and proportionally correct...

I got in touch with the company who build the body work I already have to get hold of a boat tail. So far the bulkhead and engine bay, should all work and look good on the Chassis. They happened to have a boat tail for another can that never got finished so today it arrived at my place to see if we could graft it on! Looks like it will fit down so it's a bit big at the mo!

The boat tail is made of of 3 sections.. The two main sections visible and a third section is an under pan section that seals under the back of the car. Currently it's pirched on the back of the chassis and it will need dropping to line up with the dash top... so use your imagination with the following pic!

I'm also working on the nose section, raking it forwards so it's not so 'stumpy' The motorcycle style wheel arches over the back wheels will also need shortening. The flare at the back looks good and I'm hoping to keep that styling in the finished arches.

Long way to go, lots of thinking, measuring, maker pen and masking tape .... and plenty of Barn pacing!

Did some suspension painting for some therapy...

This final shot is of a 'saltflat' speedster called the Adler, which is the style and design of boat tail I'm shooting for.. wish me luck!

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