Sunday, 13 April 2014

Engine Build!

Well it's finally here.. after several months of problems and building, the engine block is built!... Back in November if you recall I did some welding repair work on the block prior to getting it blasted clean and getting the main components built. 

The block took a huge amount of effort to bring it back from the dead.. It's been built by Jimmy at Valley Gas Speed Shop in Andover not far from me. Having not worked on a Flathead block before and knowing it was going to be a tough job, I calling in professional help!!  All of the main running components have been replaced.. Pistons, Valves, Crank and Cam shafts etc.. All the valves have been lapped in and all new springs and guides.

The engine has also been fitted with two new water pumps which also incorporate the front engine mounts. 

Also fitted the two new cylinder heads and new plugs.. Working the head studs (and snapping them off!) was tricky, but it all worked out.. 

Looking good, looking like a real engine at last!

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