Thursday, 10 April 2014

Suspension tension!

.. fitting coil over onto shocks is dead easy... 

The Allard has two transverse leaf springs, one front and one back, both if you have been keeping up I had made earlier this year (Jones Springs in Birmingham). Getting the springs to fit squarely under the chassis has been a challenge to say the least! Because the springs are new, they are very stiff and as the dimensions and weight loading I had to calculate extremely accurately (wild guess in a stiff breeze) are going to be more luck than judgement. 

Front Leafer with dropped front arms to fit the shackle links
The front drop arms support a perch pin which connects the shakle link pins to the springs. On top of that, drop links run upto the drop arms connected to the Luvax Girling dampers.. still with me? ... All of the bushings have been either fabricated with inner slievings to accomodate poly bushes or for example the main swinging arms have new metalatic bushes fitted and their hing pins machined down to fit... (tricky time in Dad's workshop to use the lathe and we bent his vice handle hanging of a scafold pole pulling the bushes in!)  Fairly liquid all over the rubber bushes... always works : ))

Shackle pins in!!

The drop link arms to the dampers Ive had to weld and bend to 'fit the car' again, it's difficult to judge just where it needs to sit until totally finished.. For now, best guess is good enough to get her on the road.. tweaking with a sledge hammer will be necessary.. it's a far cray from shimming and setting camber and caster angles on a Jaguar!

So she's got four on the floor and sat up like a praying mantis! Can't wait to get the engine dropped in ... Talking of which, picking her up tomorrow!! Pics in the next update...

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