Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Engine and Body Building

.. Busy few weeks with all sorts of stuff.. Rebuilding the starter motor, and actually turning the engine over! First time this lump has come alive for decades : ) Can't wait to actually fire it up!!!Got the Flywheel in, Alternator, rebuilding the Carbs, need a new Dissy.. the old Ford Pilot unit is just stuffed : ( ...

I spent forever cleaning a polishing the Allard intake manifold to match the Offenhauser Heads. It's looking good, pleased with the 'look' the carbs should finish this off very nicely. I have trial fitted the gearbox and that sits square. The radiator will have to come back several inches, which puts the centre of gravity nicely in the chassis.. it also allows me to play with a more raked nose cone..

Many of the little parts either don't exist or aftermarket gear just don't look right, so I've ended up fabricating all sorts of odds n ends... but that's the joy of Hot rod!

She's sitting more even now and the more goodies I bolt on the more hunkered down she sits...and looks like it should be going sideways round a dirt raceway : ) Note to two side exhaust pipes hanging out there.. not sure where to run them yet.. straight up?

This is my dining room table, and in my opinion how a dining room table should look... well there is no point in polishing it!

Finally I've done a couple of pencil drawings, based on the Baldwin-Payne Special of the same year ... Here I've show the Allard with the boat tail, but need to keep working the nose etc ....

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