Friday, 14 November 2014

Where did November come from?

Hey All, it's been a few months since I last Blogged and update... but since May, I moved house over the summer, and have been doing loads on the Allard, but just small fiddly bits, so here is a summary....

Oh and I've also setup a new Blog for a new project car I'm 'helping with' on the side. It's a 1967 Mini which requires a total rebuild. Follow it here:

The Allard is about to go off the a body shop to have the boat tail backend carefully welded to the main centre scuttle section. Which I decided was well beyond my ability to weld aluminium not only well, but perfectly. I heavy expense, but as this is very much the visual feature of the car, money well spent.

Jobs over the summer included: Finishing the transverse spring mounting plates, dressing the engine with new distributor, dynamo, making mounting brackets, oil lines, test turning the engine, finishing the rear prop shaft and back end assembly, fitting the gearbox, moving and rewelding the radiator position and mounts... the list goes on, so here are a few pics instead : )

Rebuilding the Carbs was a fiddly, but they should do the trick...

I've done loads on sourcing and building all the dash instruments, I'll do a separate entry on that ..

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