Monday, 2 February 2015

Boattail & Body Building : )

Well over the past couple of months, the Allard has been away with the Chaps at in Lymington, getting some serious body work done. I picked the car up last week and got her back over to my workshop.. 

The transformation is stunning and difficult to really appreciate in the photos. The body work is all now 'as one' and looks like it's meant to be on the car and not just a selection of hopeful aluminium sheets!

Lets just remind ourselves what we are trying to shoot at.. this pic is on the original (and only) J1 Specification chassis (even before the first J1 was built!) with the grafted on Bugatti boattail.. here it is circa early 1940's

Ugly with hand rolled mudguards and truck tyres! It wa used for trials not racing..It's the body shape I'm after... so here it is...

The tail itself is rolled on a new frame and a continuation frame has been made and joined to the existing front scuttle frame. The whole lot is now bolted to the chassis rails and is very strong. I've had the tail made such that is can be removed for fuel tank and battery access. When I've made the rear seat bulkhead, there will be luggage space for touring equipment (goggles, six pack & toothbrush). The front 'airdam' is temporarily in place to see how it looks with and Aeroscreen ontop.. it maybe too much, but does soften the side view of the cabin... The passenger side is currently a cardboard mockup.. however with it in place, the driver view is one of a giant ladies bra.. Which after some contemplation isn't a bad thing, but could be hideously distracting mid-European tour : )

With the tail off, the frame work...

.. and internal. I've now got to get my head around internal flooring and getting a fuel tank in there.. more soon ...

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