Monday, 2 March 2015

Th Dashing Dash...

Over the winter months, building the body work and generally being cold in my workshop, didn't really appeal, so I've spent time on the Dashboard and all the instruments. Each of the clocks have been rebuilt, or sourced or modified to complete a period looking set..

The clocks are made from original bit, replacement bits, new bits and a selection or hour hands from old time clocks! It's a real combo of Brass and modern electronics.. 

I got some 2mm 'Engine Turned' mill finish and very carefully marked up and cut out all the holes.. Tricky!! I wanted the dash to look period and hotrod cool! .. and only one shot as this, so no scratches nor balls ups!

This is the first mock up getting the clocks and switches to fit.. I've now got to make all the rear fastenings and then get my head around wiring it up!..

Imagine the huge steering wheel in place, it cuts just to the right of the green indicator flick switch, so positioning the clocks such that they could all be seen had to be carefully thought about..  I had done a cardboard mockup in the car with a seat so I know it will work : ) The Allard logo on the far left is a steel cutout which I havn't decided if I'll stick it there, or position a chrome grab handle for the passenger... well there are no seatbelts!!

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