Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Wiring, bulking and fettling...

Probably one of my least favourite jobs.. wiring from scratch! .. Sometime ago I ordered a 'period' looking cotton bound wiring loom based upon a 1948 Allard M model (saloon). I had several modifications included like Alternator instead of Dynamo and the inclusion of indicator leads, and lost a few items not required for a hotrod : )  I figured in modern traffic certain concessions would be permissible... but nothing to extreme like fitting seatbelts, just a grab handle on the dash for a mechanic : )

SO having built the dash, built the clocks, fitted everything (blown one AVO) and got the preliminary wiring underway, it was time to see if the dash fitted in the car based so far upon only my cardboard mockup... none of the rounded tub section is square, it's all hand made so, lots of fiddly fettling ...

After some more fettling and welding in a suitable dashboard frame, in she went : ) .... I can now measure up and fit units to the bulkhead and run wiring between dash and bulk... talking of which..

I completely remade a new bulkhead firewall from one sheet and mounted the beehive oil filter.. I've also now got the correct copper pipe work in place and sourced the correct fittings.. that was a game! looks great and really sets that side of the engine bay. 

Next up, fitting the dash clocks, getting the wiring loom in, and wiring up. need to think about the brakes at some point .. hummm..

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