Friday, 12 June 2015

Holiday plans!

Earlier this year one of best mates, was brave enough to ask me if I wanted to go with him on holiday in September... well actually a 10 day tour down through France and into Spain, chasing mountain tops along the border... and we had to do it in an open top car along with loads of other cars.. how could I say no! The question was, what car to take... an old one of course!... so he got hold of a 1930's Riley which runs, but is unloved and needs sorting out before it will be fighting fit for several thousand km .... 

So... went to pick her up in the truck and got her back over to my workshop...

So first things first.. all wheels off and away to be stripped, cleaned and repaired.. and all new tyres, plus a complete spare set.
Need a pair of seats and I'll fit a complete lighting and indicator set for the trip.
need aero screen, electrics sorting, new exhaust fabricating, etc ...
lick of paint and a jolly good scrub up.

Whipped of the front wings, Radiator, and replaced all the water hoses. lick of paint and working my way through the usual 70yrs worth of electrical bodging that's gone on previously!

Meanwhile on the Allard, I'm waiting for a fuel tank, fuel pump and other bits ready to make up the complete fuel system. During testing I fried the started motor, which was a bit upsetting as I'd spent ages rebuilding it ... never mind, bit of a set back : )

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