Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Working like a loony!

This past month has been flat out working on the Riley ready for the tour in September.. Yesterday was quite an Epic day as we fired up the car and ran it for the first time, having made many mods, and additions to it.

We are feeling now like we may actually pull this off! This list of things done is amazing and still quite a bit to go, this shot showing is amazing newly painted wings, matching/restored wheels and beautiful Blockley tyres. Couple of spares to bolt on the side also..

Having got the car up on the lifter, we had a good going over under the car. I've practically rewired the whole thing, and cut out so much old burned rubbish wiring, I'm now feeling much more confident with what we now have onboard, to include... a battery cut off switch, 12v dash supply, Indicators!, and electric rad fan, hi-viz fog lamp, reversing lamp, etc.. at least everything works and works well : )

We have added, side mirrors, Aero screens and currently making a full size windscreen, the luxury! 
we made a rear lighting bar to mount the rear lamps onto. 

You can see here, indicators, reflectors, fog and reverse.. all side lights and brake lights etc all now work fine : )

on board, all the clocks now work!! fuel, temp, oil and Amps.. we even have a working rev counter! ... oven the horn now works!

Good lord, seats, and carpets .. coming up ...
Stay tuned, more to follow through August as we go for the final push to get her Tour ready... we leave on the 4th September for a 10 day tour right down through Spain....