Thursday, 20 August 2015

Fire up and running!

The past few weeks have seen more action on the car and we are now down to the last few 'easier' jobs ... This week we got the car running and out the barn, she sounded amazing and really is starting to look the part!

The front headlights proved to be a real pain and rather un-functional from a 'glow-worm' at best perspective. The hi-beam never worked properly also. What I did was rebuild the light clusters to accommodate very modern halogen bulbs (sorry purists, but safety in the mountains overrides originality!) .. and added a separate hi-beam switch to the dash. We now have amazing lights!

Bonnet straps - beautiful leather we've had custom made and we fitted them. We also made up some small 'stays' to stop the straps slipping down the bonnet. Side spares also fitted to the car : )

The larger 18" wheels fitted to the back, bit more chunky and look the part.

Next up, tonneau covers to be made and fitted to 'secure' the car, seats are now fitted and the floor bolted down! even looking at getting some carpet!.. more soon. testing on the road now begins...

Monday, 3 August 2015

Race to the finish/start

Only 4 weeks till the start of the Tour, and still plenty to do on the car. Just finished installing indicator lamps on the dash for fan, dynamo charge, hi beam and indicators. We all now have beautiful leather bonnet straps made at a local Horsey yard :) agricultural talent, all we need now are some horse brasses and a shire! 

We have also fitted the Aero screen which hopefully will give us a little more wind and bug in the face protection beyond flying goggles.

Next up, floor and seats go in, and a load of fiddly finishing jobs, then test it like mad for a few weeks and see how she runs!!